Compost Marketing and Distribution Study


Dear Compost stakeholders,


On behalf of the Netherlands Embassy, I have the pleasure to share with you the report on “Compost Marketing and Distribution Study”,

prepared by Agro Eco of the Netherlands. You have all provided valuable insights and information that has now been compiled in this report.

I thank you for your involvement. The findings of the report demonstrate many opportunities for production, marketing and distribution of compost.

Through the re-use of organic waste in a business case, compost does not only contribute to a cleaner Ghana, but towards meeting farmer’s needs for organic matter as well; a win-win situation.


The Netherlands Embassy will play its part by promoting compost through its WASH and Food Security programs.  


The report acknowledges that composting is a competitive business. Yet, the report also identifies various issues that merit a joint approach to shared interests. Lobbying MoFA/PPRSD and influencing policy are examples. I do hope that shared interests will help you as stakeholders to join ranks and to work together to advance the use of compost in Ghana. In this regard, I wish you wisdom and success in developing your business case.


I hope that you will make good use of the findings and recommendations of the report.


Fred Smiet

First Secretary

Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands

Accra, Ghana


Fred.smiet@minbuza.nlCM&DS Final Report

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