Fred Smiet


Fred Smiet


This is reposted from the Facebook page of the Netherlands Embassy in Ghana

#HumansoftheEmbassy 'I am a biologist, a discipline which gave me insight in the complex relationship between mankind and nature. Humans often forget that our l...ives, and that of our children and grandchildren, depend on nature, which provides us not only with timber, yams and shea butter, but with water and oxygen as well. Ghana is currently not using these natural resources in a sustainable way. I regard my work as a contribution to achieving sustainable development. I like to work result-oriented, something which translates into my daily work. When I arrived in Ghana 3 years ago, I was appalled by the waste and the pollution, even in the modern town of Accra. I now manage the Ghana Netherlands WASH Program (GNWP), which comprises 16 projects in the fields of water, sanitation and waste management. These projects make Ghana safer, healthier and cleaner. The main message of GNWP is that there is money in waste and that Ghana should not waste its waste! Instead we can use and recycle waste to make electricity, biogas and compost. Fortunately Ghanaian entrepreneurs quickly got this message and recognized business opportunities.'

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