GNWP commemorates World Water Day 2017 via learning session on Wastewater treatment reuse


GNWP Commemorates World Water Day 2017 via learning session on Wastewater treatment and reuse


The World Water Day (WWD), celebrated globally on the 22nd day of March each year, is set aside by the United Nations (UN) to reflect on the importance of fresh water and advocate for sustainable management of fresh water resources. This year’s theme, “Water and Wastewater” provides an important opportunity to highlight the relationship between water and wastewater in the quest for sustainable development. The need for wastewater treatment has become imperative in recent times due to the fast depletion levels in water resources across the world.

To limit this tide, wastewater treatment process is being promoted as one of the most important environmental conservation processes that should be adopted worldwide. The situation in Ghana is not different as more and more water bodies are being polluted and 4

depleted as a result of human activities such as illegal mining and indiscriminate dumping of both domestic and industrial waste into water bodies.

With the increasing population of Ghana, coupled with increased demand for freshwater for domestic, agricultural and industrial purposes, experts in the WASH sector have advocated that wastewater treatment and reuse should be adopted as a panacea. The water situation according WASH sector watchers are likely to exacerbate due to the erratic rainfall patterns being recorded recently, attributed to climate change dynamics and the alarming rate of pollution of water bodies due to activity of small scale miners, popularly referred to as ‘Galamsey’ in Ghana.

To highlight the need to adopt wastewater treatment and re-use in all sectors of the Ghanaian economy, The Ghana Netherlands WASH Programme (GNWP) engaged WASH sector stakeholders and the private sector to share lessons on collaborative wastewater Public Private Partnership initiatives and discuss the best solutions in upscaling wastewater treatment and reuse across the country as part of activities commemorating the 2017 WWD.

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