Serving the nation through GWNP


Serving the nation through GNWP



I joined the Ghana Netherlands Water and Sanitation programme (GNWP) about three weeks after my arrival in Ghana from the UK where I had completed my master’s degree. The invitation to join the multicultural and multidisciplinary GNWP-TA team afforded me the opportunity to humbly contribute my quota to the development of my country Ghana. I knew that by joining the team of motivated professionals, I will also be contributing to changing the lives and fortunes of about 1.5 million people most of whom do not have access to portable water and improved sanitation.

Working as an engineer in the GNWP-TA team is very exciting and at the same time challenging. It demands problem solving skills, ability to quickly respond to changing demands, interdisciplinary abilities and the fortitude to withstand stress. Nonetheless, it’s always been may goal to give out my best, ensure promptness and efficiency in the delivery of my assignments.

There have been fun times as well. It’s a joy working in the office with Ole, Jochem, Bram, Marjolein, Bright Honya, Louisa Wosey, Rashida and Mabel who are most often at the office and also with other non permanent members who visit our office from the Netherlands. In between times, the team members share their stories and tell heartily jokes. Though I have not lived in the Netherlands or in Denmark, I have learnt a lot about life in both countries by interacting with my noble team members. I must also say that I have had good experiences with all the municipal assembly officers. They work tirelessly to support the project. I appreciate the effort that each of the members of the various GNWP MAs put in helping the programme move forward despite their budgetary and logistical constraints. I have seen some of them use their own resources to assist the TA team and I believe that their efforts will be rewarded in due time.

With this in mind, I foresee a better lot for the GNWP beneficiary municipal assemblies and Ghana as a whole. I continue to see the relentless dedication that the GNWP-TA team put in making things happen every day and I am persuaded that this programme is going to be a great success and thereby set up a foot print for other projects.

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