Welcome Janet!


My journey to the embassy began with my work experience at Hope for Future Generations (HFFG) where I worked on the Demand Creation and sanitation marketing component of the Ghana Netherlands WASH Programme (GNWP) Phase 1. Little did I know that networking with GNWP partners would get me a job at the Embassy. Fast forward to the present, I feel fulfilled. I have experienced a full package of challenging yet exciting projects in waste management, WASH financing, renewable energy, and other innovative ways of reuse of solid waste and waste water which is not typical of traditional WASH projects. The market based approach which the embassy has employed to project implementation is more sustainable, inclusive, and has great impact on the grassroots. This I think is the way to go, and it gives me so much joy. I have gained knowledge, exposure and built great relationships. “I must say, that my new role here at the embassy as a Policy officer for Water and Sanitation for me is a big stepping stone to shaping the WASH agenda in Ghana. It is a dream come true”

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