GNWP publications

The below documents for public use have been prepared as part of GNWP phase 1.


I. General information on GNWP 

GNWP Programme Document

Guide to GNWP docs, website and RSR tool

RSR Training Manual (AKVO)

M&E Framework for GNWP phase II

M&E sheet

II. Ex-ante evaluation of GNWP by Ecorys (2013)

Volume 1 - Summary findings and recommendations

Volume 2 - Ex-ante evaluation

Volume 3 - Business case studies

Volume 4 - M&E framework and baseline

III. WASH Master Plans 2040

WASH master plan for GCMA

WASH master plan for CCMA

WASH Master Plan for GWMA

WASH Master Plan for GSMA

WASH master plan for KEEA

Leaflet WASH Master Plan GCMA

Leaflet WASH Master Plan CCMA

Leaflet WASH Master Plan GWMA

Leaflet WASH Master Plan GSMA

Leaflet WASH Master Plan KEEA

Poster WASH Master Plan CCMA

Poster WASH Master Plan GCMA

Poster WASH Master Plan GSMA

Poster WASH Master Plan GWMA

Poster WASH Master Plan KEEA

IV. Research as part of GNWP

Capacity needs assessment of the five MAs involved in GNWP and key national stakeholders

Changing mind-sets and habits for improved WASH- Action research report

V. Infrastructural and non-infrastructural projects

Project summaries infrastructural and non-infrastructural projects

NON-INFRA Project_Water Management 2.0

NON-INFRA_Project plan Waste Management 2.0

NON-INFRA Project_Tourism and Sanitation

NON-INFRA Project_Drainage Master Plan CCMA and KEEA

NON-INFRA Project_WASH in Schools II

VI. Booklet with best practices developed for Closing Conference

WASH Stories From Ghana_Booklet GNWP (June 2015)_LR

VII. WASH in schools

GNWP WASH in Schools facilities completed

VIII. Behavioural Change Campaign

DO IT RIGHT POSTER_Don't in the open_brown

KAALU POSTER_Build with toilets_blue

KAALU POSTER_Do it right_blue

KAALU POSTER_Do it right_brown

KAALU POSTER_Do it right_green

KAALU POSTER_Do it right_red

For the short films produced as part of the BCC campaign, go to Media => Video

IV. Posters in jpeg format

KAALU POSTER_Do it right_red KAALU POSTER_Do it right_blue KAALU POSTER_Do it right_brown KAALU POSTER_Do it right_green KAALU POSTER_Do it right_red KAALU POSTER_Don't shit in the open_brown


Poster WASH MP_CCMAPoster Master plan_KEEAPoster Master plan_GWMAPoster Master plan_GSMAPoster Master plan_GCMA

V. Maps

Basemap_3GA Basemap_GA_Tema Basemap_KEEA_CCMA     Zonal_Council_3GAs zone_KEEA & CCMACCMA_drainage_inzoom_1mei CCMA_water_supply_inzoom_1mei Ga_central_drainage_inzoom_30april Ga_central_water_supply_inzoom_30april Ga_south_drainage_inzoom_30april Ga_south_water_supply_inzoom_30april Figure 5.3 Distribution network GWMA Ga_west_drainage_inzoom_30april KEEA_drainage_inzoom_1mei KEEA_water_supply_inzoom_1meiOpen Defecation map_CCMA

GCMA_Open Defecation hotspots (2015)

GSMA_Open Defecation Hotspots (2015)