The mission of GNWP is to sustainably improve WASH (water, sanitation, hygiene) conditions in urban areas of Ghana. GNWP results contribute directly to SDG 6, the UN Sustainable Development goal for WASH. GNWP funds innovative projects that use public-private partnerships to implement a market-based approach to water and sanitation, including waste management, and to enhance sustainability.


The overall objective of GNWP is to contribute to Ghana’s achievement of the UN SDG 6 target on water and sanitation by improving WASH conditions through a market-based approach.


  • Increase private sector involvement and local entrepreneurship in WASH
  • Enhance capabilities of MMDA’s and key stakeholders
  • Improve the access to safe, affordable and sustainable drinking water
  • Improve the access to sanitation services, including waste management, and hygienic practices
  • Develop and implement business models for WASH services
  • Create conditions for scaling-up of sustainable WASH services