Launch of P2P project: Access to finance


Catalysing WASH from Possible to Profitable (P2P) is an innovative access to finance project for water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) under the Ghana Netherlands WASH Programme (GNWP). The project is scaling-up access to finance and technical assistance for micro, small and medium enterprises and households in Ghana. The goal is to increase access to WASH products and services by urban and rural households in Ghana.

In Ghana, the inability of MSMEs to access loans mostly from traditional sources hinders their ability to sustain investments and services. Households are expected to be the main beneficiaries of services provided by MSMEs in the sector but are also financially constrained due to the significant upfront payments they are required to make.

P2P is stimulating local entrepreneurship in the WASH sector and allows households or groups of households to obtain water and sanitation facilities, such as latrines, toilets and connections to potable water. Appropriate lending products will be developed for the WASH sector including loan products for specific segments of the market including income, size of business and gender. Access to finance is facilitated through the establishment of a €4,000,000 revolving fund. This fund will disburse over 3,000 loans to households and MSMEs over a 5-year period. In addition, over 500 MSMEs within the sector will benefit from pre and post loan business development support to facilitate loan acquisition and repayment.

This project is implemented by the Netherlands Development Organization (SNV) in collaboration with Fidelity Bank as the fund manager. P2P will foster strong collaboration with GoGGNWP partners under the communication channels of GNWP. P2P is expected to serve as a model for a finance and private sector driven approach to sanitation financing in Ghana.