Programme overview

Starting in 2012 the GNWP programme was developed by Ghana Government and the Netherlands Embassy with the assistance of a consultant team. Part of the programme development involved capacity building and planning for five MMDA’s, the preparation of proposals for WASH interventions in Greater Accra, Elmina and Cape Coast. Another part of the programme development entailed the implementation of WASH activities in 100 schools and small projects related to landfill management and urban watersupply. The consultant team ended its involvement on 30 June 2015, which also marked the end of Phase 1.

Currently GNWP Phase 2 consists of 16 projects in implementation with a total commitment of Netherlands funding of Euro 82 million. This includes 11 public-private partnership projects under the Ghana WASH Window, another component of GNWP. External funding mobilised by private partners added another Euro 60 million of investment to GNWP, which raises the total committed budget to Euro 142 million.